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Details : Beautiful Skin Slimming Massage Gel breakdown of fat as orange peel skin.
Reduce wrinkles for skin elasticity. Erosion, reduce the aging of the skin to tighten the skin. The streamlined shape is pretty slim.
Beauty Secret :
Liposome Theophyllin: accelerating the breakdown of excess fat. Orange peel skin breakdown.
Liposome caffeine: Preventing a lump of fat and stimulate the breakdown of fat cells.
Tannic acid: a flexible skin and prevent aging of the skin.
Vitamin C: strengthens the collagen to tighten skin elasticity.
Essential Components
Coffee Bean Extract
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Capsicum extract, and other
Physiological Actions  :

Beauty Skin Slim Gel helps to break down fats on the skin and slow down the aging of the skin.

Package included:

1Pc AUDALA Body slimming cream