MEME Chebe Hair Grease for Hair Growth - 4 fl oz, Hair Pomade Hydrating Hair Mask for Curly Hair with Chebe Powder and Karkar Oil - Perfect for Hair Shine, Moisturizes Hair and Promote Hair Growth

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ATTENTION TO ALL! Are you suffering from hair breakage and massive dandruff and it feels so embarrassed to go out with dry hair or are you sad of looking at your hair getting lesser day by day? Bet you have nowhere to go now but to spend huge pile of money on beauty products. MEME hair grease is here to put an end to all of your worries now because after using this product you will be free from excessive breakage. Say goodbye to dandruff and say hello to a new confidence, stops itching, keeps your hair moisturize and hair retention to reduce split end problems. The bottle is of 4 fl oz and net weight is 110g. It is a small round cute size mini jar which comes in handy and easy to tag it along wherever you go, 1 chebe hair grease included in our package. In a nutshell, this little mini jar is your hair loss products. Its not just a black hair products but is for other hair colors too. Imagine you have the ideal hair you ever wanted or you used to look at others with such best shiny hair and you wish to yourself that someday you could have such hair, well this is a reminder for you that it's not too late to work on that wish. It also works as a pomade for women and as a hair grease for black hair and for other color types. It is for all hair types whether its straight or curl mix or even wavy ones. What are you waiting for? don't just sit back and be lazy, buy it now so you can use it and apply and flaunt it out to everyone!"

Features & details

  • STOP BREAKAGE AND MORE - Not having a good day because of breakage of your hair? Use MEME Hair Grease to prevent from breakage of hair with additional perks of treatment of dandruff, stops itching, promotes hair growth and works as hair treatment masks
  • SAFE TO USE ON ALL HAIR TYPES - Don’t be worried if you have specifically straight or curly hair, because this product is safe to use on all type of hair and works as hair oil for dry damaged hair and growth. It works as low porosity hair products.
  • MOISTURIZES YOUR HAIR - Extremely absorbent and moisturizes your hair. Apply hair grease after thorough conditioning can help seal the moisture, improving hair health. See it as hair fertilizer for hair growth and hair moisturizer for dry hair damaged.
  • ACTS LIKE A BARRIER - Hair grease protects the strands from environmental harm and other chemicals that may come in contact with your hair. Works as hair masks which is used for natural hair which includes any type of hair. It is a black owned products.
  • EASE OF USE - Easy to apply, makes a base for hair products. Apply a bit of hair grease on wet hair and allow it to air dry. This will describe your curls, abate frizz, and make them shiny, sleek, soft. You should have hair care for dry damaged hair.
  • Ingredients: Chebe Powder, Karkar Oil